Are Golf Shoes Necessary in Playing Golf?

You might have heard that you don’t need a pair of golf shoes when playing golf. Ordinary and comfortable shoes will do, but these ordinary shoes won’t be able to provide the traction that only golf footwear can give. The shoes for playing golf can help you keep sturdy, balanced, and flexible while you swing. Although most tournaments do not require a pair of shoes with spikes, they can help you take your game to the next level and stay in control.

The Balance that the Golf Footwear Provides

As compared to most athletic shoes, the spiked shoes for golf have larger soles. The shoe base is also wider than most shoes. The reason for this is because the golf swing is done while standing still and the golf player needs the larger shoe base for balance.

Athletes or sport enthusiasts who need to run while engaging with their chosen sport such as tennis, basketball, and the likes, do not require the said broad base for their shoes. They need a quick or sustained motion of foot to be able to run swiftly if they need to, golf is a sport that doesn’t require speed.

The Needed Stability

If you try to swing a golf club with only a pair of slippers on, you will notice that your stance becomes awkward and unstable. Your feet have no ability or lack support to stay on the ground. If your shoes can provide more stability as you swing, the better. Most golf shoes have stabilizers that are built-in along the arches’ side to prevent the feet from sliding or shifting side to side. The spikes in traditional golf footwear help keep your feet from sliding when the ground is wet or uneven.

Flexibility of the Golf Footwear

shoesThere are several occasions where a golf player must play on an uneven terrain – irregular, hilly, or rolling. You need shoes that can be flexible enough to adapt to the kind of ground that your course has. Lots of times, you will encounter situations (if you are playing on rolling ground) where you need to swing on a cumbersome slope and your shoes need to be flexible in order to deliver that swing without fail – golf shoes can make it possible.

Sports like football, baseball, and the likes, need shoes that will be able to hold the wearer’s ankle and foot in the same place all the time. Golf needs a bit of elasticity in its shoes so that the player can deliver a successful swing.
Utmost Comfort

In a game of golf, a player needs to stand for hours and walk four to six miles at every round. Wearing a pair of shoes not built for such purpose can make the player feel uncomfortable and in the end lose his or her game. You don’t want to experience such a painful defeat (no one does) and all because of a terrible pair of shoes.

Golf footwear is built to provide the utmost comfort for the player whether walking or standing. The shoes allow your feet to breathe and if you are wearing a waterproof pair, then you need not worry so much in case there is water or there’s a sudden downpour. Shoes with padded insoles provide the utmost comfort that you need.

Is golf footwear necessary in playing golf? The answer is yes you need them if you are serious about winning. They are valuable investments and partners that you can rely on. Most golf tournaments may not require you to wear one, but wearing a pair of golf shoes can take you a step closer to victory.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Lanyards

Lanyards are accessories normally worn around the neck and are often used to carry small objects. It is believed that during the old days, they were used to tighten ship riggings. Other references suggest that they were also utilized by sailors to attach their whistles and weapons. There was even an art of making these accessories which is called “Scoubidou”.

lanyardsToday, it is not only the sailors who use them. Students and office employees also utilize neck ropes to hang their identification cards. These accessories are now used by many people. They’re actually found everywhere but like other objects, these items have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Below are some of the pros and cons of lanyards.


They are durable accessories that will help you carry things

The good thing about neck ropes is that they are not just durable neck accessories; they can also help you in carrying your things. If you’re doing something and you cannot hold a certain item, a neck cord will do the work for you. Nowadays, there are many lanyard attachments available in the market. There’s a hook for keys and there is one for water bottles.

Can be used for advertising certain organizations

Another great thing about these neck accessories is that they are also useful in advertising organizations. You’re free to add your business name and logo on these cords. Wearing them will surely help your organization be noticed by potential clients.

They will help you be identified

Neck ropes will help your audience identify you. If you’re an employee of a company and you’re wearing your organization’s neck rope, the security personnel will know that you’re part of the company. These accessories can actually prevent criminals from entering your building and doing harm on your fellow workers.

Great tools to show your support

Lanyards are the ideal accessories for fans because they can also show your love and support to specific people. You can wear them during your favorite band’s concert or your favorite sport team’s game.

You can also wear them to show solidarity. Wearing them can suggest that all fans of a particular team are united.

Can be customized

Another good thing about neck ropes is the fact that they are customizable. You can choose any color and add the design you like on these accessories. It’s also up to you if you want a thin neck cord or a thicker one. You can even select the attachments you want to add.

They are quite affordable

Customized neck cords are also more affordable compared to other accessories (e.g. jewelry). If you have $500 on hand, you can already purchase hundreds of them online and many workers will be able to wear them. A piece of neck cord usually cost around $0.70-$3. The price depends on the type and quantity you’ll be ordering.


Can cause accidents and health problems sometimes

If neck cords have some advantages, they also have disadvantages. One disadvantage of lanyards is that they sometimes cause accidents and health problems. Strangulation is one thing that you may experience if you misused a neck cord and that can be fatal. You can also get allergies from wearing these accessories if you’re allergic to the materials used in making them. You can actually prevent those things from happening if you are careful in using these cords.

Hard to clean

Some people think that neck cords are very hard to clean. There are cord types that cannot be dry cleaned like the ones made of nylon. There are some cords that are also prone to shrinkage and color fading. You can actually prevent these cleaning problems by just hand-washing the cords. It will be best if you use a mild detergent.

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6 Lies Bad Realtors Tell Their Clients

real estateWe are not saying that realtors are trained liars. What we know is that they really exist like in every industry. In response as a property finder, we provide only the most reliable realtors you can find in the state.

Just to give you an idea of how the industry really looks like from the inside, here are six lies that some realtors tell their clients.

1. Your house is more valuable that you think it is.

Many sellers overprice their properties for personal reasons. Unfortunately, many realtors also play dirty with it, so they ride along with their miscalculations just to make sure that they sign up.

When a seller asks about the possible selling price of his real estate, he wants to hear good news which you can read as high price. The happier he gets the better chance the realtor gets to sign him up and eventually earn a commission.

As a seller, you should have an idea of the on-going fair market value of properties in your area. You know when a realtor seems to be playing based on your own estimates. Be objective for you to see clearly the real value of your property.

2. The real estate you want is a guaranteed moneymaker.

Some realtors tell their clients that a house or lot is bound to appreciate in the next five years or so. Some say that a particular property is perfect for leasing. Some even go the extent of advising their clients to establish a business in the address, or take down the current structure to build something more lucrative.

While some of these unsolicited advices sometimes have merits, most of time, these are nothing but personal opinions that appear credible because of their positions. Realtors normally don’t have a background in economics, finance, or engineering. Otherwise, the real estate industry shouldn’t have been a big problem when the recession hit.

Property management is also another field within the same industry but is handled by another set of licensed professionals. While a realtor’s relationship with a buyer ends at the signing, a property manager’s relationship with a leaser and tenant doesn’t end until the contract expires. Nevertheless, some realtors are also licensed property managers.

3. The house is in perfect condition.

A realtor wouldn’t know that for sure unless he has done all testing procedures to clear the house from any anomalies. The problem is that most sellers don’t want to put their house under various testing procedures because they can sell it without any of those anyway.

It’s simpler to inspect for wood problems, but pest control companies have more technical methods than mere visual inspections. A working power line and outlets usually say it all for a realtor, but a technician will inspect not just the connection but the quality of wires as well, something that takes a while and a couple grand more. Even mould and mildew problems usually take a forensic expert to be ascertained.

When a realtor says that the house is in perfect condition, he is probably saying that in good faith because he is confident in what he is selling. However, don’t take the word “perfect” in its literal sense because it rarely is.

4. The real estate is as it is as described.

Descriptions are commonly different from the actual property by a slight margin of error. Why? It’s because copywriters are better with words than property owners are with housekeeping and maintenance. Good marketers will always find good selling points in a bad property, and these include good angles for a photograph or good landmark near the address.

This practice is so common, but we dare to rectify the system and provide properties as what they really are and not what we want them to be. Realtors should also be like that. They should only give the facts, liaise for the negotiation, and assist where both parties need him.

5. There are a lot of properties to choose from.

This is a lie depending on how you understand it. There are more than 12,000 properties in New York City that are currently on the market, but would you believe that the number of real estate agents are more than double of that figure—more than 27,000?

The number of properties says that you have more options than you can handle. However, the number of agents says that not everyone makes a deal, and less than half of those who have closed deals also have priority clients that you have to compete with. Most of the time, the business works in a first come, first serve basis.

It should also be considered that when narrowed down, the properties that fit your requirements will probably be less than what you need to find the dream house you need. In fact, there are realtors who wait for years to give their VIP clients the perfect home.

6. The set commission of a realtor is 6%.

A commission rate of 6% is considered as the industry standard. However, this is not mandated by law like tax, and even realtors who belong to firms usually don’t have contracts with definite commission rate. Commissions are flexible, so the last resort when a buyer wants to haggle with a property so bad is to take a cut from the realtor’s commission. Three to five percent commission is still better than zero.

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Why Safety Talks are Necessary

motivational speakerSafety is truly necessary wherever you go and whatever you do. Above anything else, this must be a priority in order to save lives and protect properties. This is also the reason why safety talks are conducted among workers to remind them on how crucial it is to apply protective measures in a working environment.

Danger Awareness

Delivering safety talks helps in the identification of hazards in the workplace. For companies, conducting this activity is necessary as a commitment of the employer to provide information to their employees, allowing the management to work towards proper implementation of measures that reduce risks and unnecessary accidents.

Companies have designated health or safety officers who work with employees to disseminate information on how to act appropriately if ever they face a situation where their safety is jeopardized. This may be in the form of educating workers on how to use equipment properly, even when not in use. This can also include the proper implementation of procedures during business operations.

Perks for Both Sides

Safety talks offer mutual benefits for both the employer and the workers. It keeps the working environment safe and conducive for work, whatever the nature of the business is and no matter how hazardous the job can be. For as long as proper guidance and safety measures are provided, these should keep both parties protected from risks, personal injuries, and lawsuits.

One aspect that gets affected when there is poor safety measure in the work environment is productivity. Absences may be incurred by an employee as a result of an accident. This will generally affect the productivity level of the total workforce once this happens. As a result, more loss is incurred along the process.

A company’s reputation can be measured on how it deals with the welfare of its employees. It is the managements’ responsibility to ensure that the employees have the right information and proper awareness in dealing with situations that place their lives at risk. Protecting the welfare of employees is among the best ways of protecting the business as a whole.

Employees tend to focus too much on their work and sometimes, they aren’t even aware that they’re facing safety issues. So, discussions serve as a refresher for workers, giving value not only on their tasks but on how they should protect their welfare at all times when doing multiple jobs. Some may tend to forget the information they have learned years back and thus, would need safety talks to reiterate the importance of staying safe while on duty.

On Handling Issues

Although conducting safety talks doesn’t mean formal training should no longer be provided, the former serve as a way to deal with a specific problem on a particular job site. These are usually brief but contain direct and easy to understand information aimed to provide knowledge and practical information for health and safety purposes. The presentation highlights key areas affecting the welfare of the workforce.

Awareness is the key to prevent accidents in a workplace. The safety aspect is crucial to a company’s success where production and workability factors are also enhanced along the process. It’s important that a company doesn’t solely focus on speed and efficiency, as increasing the awareness of its people to practice safety can potentially boost production as well.

With several enhancements done in the use of tools and machineries, it’s important to provide updates on how new equipment is managed. This way, the workforce will have the opportunity to naturally and gradually adapt to changes in technology.

Firms Need Safety

Discussions on safety create a better working environment for employees. These serve as protection not only for the employees but for business owners as well. It is, therefore, necessary to include this as part of a strategy to help improve business operations as a whole.